Sydney Next Day Shipping During Lockdown

For the duration of the lockdown in Sydney, we have partnered with delivery company Cake Hero who specialise in delivering cakes and baked goods across Sydney as well as Go People. 

So if you order today, you order would arrive with you tomorrow, this includes Saturdays and Sundays. 

What exactly is considered Sydney? Great question! Sydney is considered addresses which fall between the following postcodes;

Delivery postcodes: 2000-2079, 2085-2107, 2109-2156, 2158, 2160-2172, 2174-2229, 2232-2249, 2557-2559, 2564-2567, 2747-2751, 2759-2764, 2766-2774.

So if you find yourself living in these areas then you can get THICC QUICK!

For the rest of Australia, we are still shipping nationwide!


Q. Is there a cut off time? 

A. Yes, 12midnight AEST is the cut off. 

Q. How do I select the Next Day Shipping Option?

A. You don't need to! Just follow the steps through checkout as per normal and we will be manually organising the next day shipping from our end. All orders for Sydney are going to be going Next Day.

Q. How much is shipping? 

A. Shipping prices or free shipping rules still apply as normal across our website. Just follow through all the usual steps and if your postcode matches the ones above, we will manually organise the direct delivery with Cake Hero. Sorry, on such short notice we haven't been able to program it into the website. 

Q. Can I track the time my order will be delivered?

A. Unfortunately no, as we are not able to work out who will be home or not, and what kind of delays will appear throughout the day, we cannot provide tracking by time, but you would get it next day unless there are Extenuating Circumstances. Deliveries don't leave the bakery until between 11am an 1pm and continue to be delivered up to 8pm at night.

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