THICC Cookies x MasterFoods Tomato Sauce - National Cookie Day Collaboration

Whats up THICC Heads! December 4th is National Cookie Day! And to make this day truly unique, we’ve teamed up with MasterFoods to bring you our first savoury cookie, the totally unique THICC Cookies Tomato Sauce cookie! 

 If you’re a real THICC Head and you’re a true ‘Tomato Sauce’ Aussie, then you have to try this exclusive limited edition cookie! 
THICC Cookies x MasterFoods
What’s it taste like? 
It's a bloody ripper, MasterFoods Tomato Sauce with THICC Cookie buttery soft dough makes this cookie a surprisingly excellent cookie. Think of the warm buttery goodness of a cookie and the sweet spiced taste of a delicious blend of ripe tomatoes. This really is a cookie you simply have to try. 
Don’t regret missing out on this cookie that everybody will be talking about! THICC Tomato Sauce cookie will be available at our markets or available for shipping nationwide from 1st to the 6th of December only. Surprise your friends and family with this delightful MasterFoods Tomato Sauce THICC Cookie.
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